Imagine what would be possible if you learned to access and develop the full spectrum of your potential more consistently?
Imagine what would be possible if you learned to sustain and renew your levels of energy, clarity and momentum throughout your day? 

Optimal Performance

The next frontier of Self Discovery, Performance Mastery and Personal Leadership.

A few years ago I was in Boston, sitting at a long community table where I sat down to eat my lunch.  It was exactly three years after the horrible event that happened.

Sitting next to me was a gentleman who had just finished running the Boston Marathon -  he still had his participant number pinned on his chest.  

As we talked, he told me something I will never forget.  He said, "You know, my body gave out about 3 miles before the finish line.  But I kept going, and you want to know HOW and WHY."  With eyes wide open and no longer interested in my meal, I said, "of course."  And he then said something that has resonated with me to this day and that I have seen in all my research and observations from some of the world's best athletes, leaders, executives and people I have come across.  

He said, "When my body gave out, It was my heart that carried me through, the support and voices of my family who came to cheer me on that lifted me, and a deep connection to why I decided to sign up for this race."

He also told me that he was excited to come back next year and keep training.  This was one of the highlights of his year.

He didn't just have one reason, he had many.  He didn't just think about things differently, he felt them more fully.  He didn't try to do it on his own, he brought support.

This gentleman kept his reasons front and center and was committed to accomplishing and owning who he set out to be.

He didn't let one thing carry him through the finish line - it was a combination of many things coming together and bringing the best out of him.

Optimal Performance seeks to BRING the best out of you consistently rather than getting the most out of you. 

Just because we do more, doesn't mean we are learning, improving or more productive.

The simple framework, "In, Up & Out" seeks to bring awareness to the alignment that you are missing so that you can have the fulfillment, achievement and success that you seek and deserve.

Those that embrace the OPTIMAL WAY learn as much from each peak as they do each trough.  They learn from each person and also from each of their strengths within.  They know that life is about seeing each experience as a way of widening our zone/edge of performance each day so that we grow more resilient and optimal.

Optimal Performance creates the environment, inner and outer, that allows you to deepen your learning and accelerate your progress.

Why settle for just a narrow edge of your potential?  Why perform within one range of what is possible?  Why not widen your performance, potential and possibilities, and become more than you could have ever imagined?

One moment of success doesn't define you as much as one moment of failure doesn't either.  You get to create the life you want and it starts by focusing on the next frontier of personal and professional development - OPTIMIZATION over maximization which leads to greater depth, clarity, creativity, courage, focus, consistency and most importantly, joy and fulfillment.

I would like to remind you of what I believe is the the most exciting part of what this gentleman said. 

He was excited to come back next year and keep training. 

How many of us are excited to continue growing, learning, training and improving after we have completed a project or task?

How many times have we said, "I just don't have the energy for this - I just can't wait for this to be over."

What would be possible if we were more aligned and consistent with our efforts? 

We would be able to do so much more, with so much less.

The best have always had laser sharp focus, AND they were also able to see the trees and the forest, and even beyond it, better than anyone else.  They knew how to bring the best of the best together in optimal environments and create legendary results. 

I invite you to continue reading about how Optimal Performers are transforming their lives, their teams, their organizations and how they approach each day.  They are great and legendary because they have learned to see what others don't, feel what others won't and continue to deepen their curiosity, understanding and awareness. 

By going, "In, Up & Out" you first build the foundation that best supports the dream you are building and the life you are living while also providing you the principles and values that have you more deeply engaged and connected with who you want to become.

What's the point of going hard and having no energy left to enjoy and learn and no drive to continue experiencing and growing? 

There is a better way, an OPTIMAL WAY.  It's not the easiest way and it's not the hardest way, it's a set of values, principles and resources that grow along with you and challenge in ways that illicit the best from within you, consistently.

Let's Optimize ourselves and our lives together.


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