How The Most Successful People Visualize And Think

Affirmations and visualizations are extremely important and also a part of my evening and morning routine.  

I see myself communicating as I would like to, doing the things I would like to, executing and getting the results that I want.  

As you can see, visualizing is about getting your mind to focus on what you want.  

Affirmations, as well, are an important complimentary element to visualizing.  

We say things like, "I am bold, I am brave, I am love.  I am the change I seek to create in the world.  Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources and on a continuous basis.  The universe is in me and I am in the universe.  What I say and do matters."  Just to name a few.  

The hard part is that this mirrors exactly what we believe about success and why most people find it very hard to stick to their visualizations and affirmations when their current reality does not match their "affirmed or visualized' reality.  

From my experience in working with many different clients, ranging from beginner to expert, they all make the same mistake - they forget that success is not linear.

When they visualize, they visualize linear success, creating a mold of a reality that is not fully true and so when they are back in reality, and life delivers a curve ball or a detour, they are thrown off and find it very hard to get back to their best.

They essentially have not taught their mind to ADAPT and get back to their best as quickly as possible. So, what ends up happening is....

They stop.

They quit.

They get stuck.

They lose their momentum.

The most successful and greatest people I know and have researched and read about, adapt and are able to bring their current reality back to what they have visualized, either because they have developed the skills to think faster and also, because in their current visualizations, they see themselves overcoming difficulty, challenge, obstacles and whatever life throws at them. 

Similar to the way we make our affirmations, we can add a piece that would make them much more powerful and effective.  

"I am bold, EVEN WHEN I feel scared.  I am love, EVEN WHEN I don't feel love from others.  I am and bring joy EVEN WHEN those around me are having tough days or moments.  I am resourceful and make adjustments EVEN WHEN it seems as if there is no answer or others have thrown in the towel.  I am GOING TO FIGURE this out, EVEN WHEN it seems like all hope is lost.  I will continue to BELIEVE in myself and what I do, EVEN WHEN others may have lost faith in me."

It is the simplest things that have the greatest impact.  LESS is MORE.

Such simple words that can have such a profound effect on the what we say in our affirmations and what in how we visualize.  

I understand as well that many people have said, only see the positive, don't bring the negative energy into the affirmations or the visualizations.  However, by doing this, we are creating a false reality and preparing ourselves to be deceived and to fail when we encounter what actually does happen outside, in the real world.  

There is also a HUGE DIFFERENCE between staying focused or fixated on the negative and then seeing and anticipating where things could go wrong, and adapting in a resourceful and positive way to whatever comes your way.  

Widen your perspective and the opportunities for growth and you will begin to see how you grow and mature much more rapidly and profoundly than you would have ever imagined.  

Give yourself the space to see how you would respond in a challenging situation or in a place where you are uncomfortable.  Use these moments as real training grounds for bringing and cultivating your best from within.  

Essentially, what you are cultivating, is an OPTIMAL way of thinking, loving, living and leading, like the most successful actually do.  They adapt to change faster because they have visualized and affirmed how they would feel, act and think in the most challenging situations, not just in the most ideal.  

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Thank you for the gift of your time and presence and I am excited to hear back from you regarding how this strategy and mindset help you adapt and succeed better.  




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