What if the reason you're exhausted, stuck or unclear is because your focus and energy have been diverted to places outside of yourself?  

Learn to regain the connection and awareness that will allow you to overcome any challenge outside of you.

(hint: it's  not something you don't already have

"My life was a mess when I met JC. I was having a hard time juggling life as a business owner, life partner and project manager. JC was able to coach me through my small picture and big picture predicaments and goals. As a former professional soccer player, I can relate JC to the coaches I’ve had in my soccer career. I was able to turn my weaknesses into strengths, and my strengths into the driving force that allow me to reach new levels of success. "

Bonnie Londono
Founder of SEFT and NYCFC Coach

"When I met JC, I was in a time of personal and professional transition. I was unclear of my direction, unhappy and numbing my thoughts. Through his calm and grounded demeanor, he helped me understand how to feel my emotions in a healthy way and realign my focus. He was able to help me look deep inside my heart and thoughts to redefine my career and myself. Thanks to his coaching, I am more in tune to my own personal needs and thoughts and am more awake and aware to myself and my surroundings. JC will never tell you what to do or how to do it. His coaching style allows the person to dig deep inside themselves and uncover their own paths and ideas. What makes his coaching unique, is his connectedness of heart and mind. "

Jaclynn Brennan
Founder of Creative Duality; Founding Partner of EStylar

"I want to thank JC for the huge difference he made in my life with his coaching. I was ready to throw in the towel on photography. He has a passion and compassion that helped me overcome my obstacles and dig deep to discover new possibilities. I regained my confidence and belief in myself as a photographer. I went from feeling totally stuck to becoming re energized / rebranded due to his ability to make a big impact even in a relatively short time. Life would be easier if I could have a mini JC that sits on my shoulder at all times helping guide me. "

Julien McRoberts
Photographer / Producer

Meet JC

My name is Jonathan Carvajal, but my close friends and family call me JC. 

Growing up my mom taught me how to have a sense of “awe and wonder” for life. She reminded me often to appreciate the beauty that was all around me and marvel in how wonderful the world was. This kept me filled with a deep sense of curiosity and joy that I treasure and carry with me today. I have learned to nurture it, develop it and connect with it often. Over the years, it has evolved into a deeper desire to serve others and learn more about how to solve people’s most complex problems and toughest challenges.

And so a more intentional journey began over 5 years ago that has now turned into hundreds of people have taken on the philosophy and simple disciplines of "Win From Within."

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